Seun Kuti Shades Nigerian Comedian Whose Name Rhymes With ‘Dakun’


Seun ‘Big Bird’ Kuti has fired shots again and this time, a certain Nigerian comedian is at the receiving end.


The musician came on his Instagram live to talk about a variety of topics and as he was on it, he dropped a shade that was not so difficult to decode.


While engaging with his fans, someone brought his attention to a skit recently produced and released by Nigerian comedian, Bovi.

Seun Kuti applauded Bovi’s talent and sense of humor and afterward, he dropped the bombshell.


The artist said,


“Bovi is a very funny guy, very funny, unlike that other guy whose name rhymes with ‘dakun’”.


Seun Kuti on Instagram Live


Netizens went straight to work to find out which comedian’s name matched the description Seun Kuti gave.


It did not take long enough till the cryptic message was decoded. The only comedian in Nigeria whose name rhymes with ‘dakun’ is Ayo ‘AY’ Makun.



The shade from musician did not come as a surprise to netizens, seeing as ‘AY’ and Seun Kuti have had bad blood between them for a while.


Recall that back in 2023, an issue erupted between Ayo ‘AY’ Makun and Seun Kuti, when the comedian made a skit that rubbed Kuti off the wrong way.

Kuti accused Makun of calling his(Kuti’s) daughter a ‘dog’ in the skit.

Makun has since come forward to tender an apology to the singer and saxophonist and explain that the skit was misunderstood, but Kuti replied Makun saying, “I don’t need your apology”.


Nigerians assumed the entertainers would have buried the hatchet and moved on.


However, the newest shade from Kuti does not portray that all is well.

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