Why I won’t blame past administrations for failure in Nigeria’s issues — Tinubu


President Bola Tinubu has stated that he prefers not to blame previous governments for the country’s socioeconomic issues.


The President mentioned this on Monday during the launch of the Agric Mechanisation Revolution For Food Security in Minna, Niger State’s capital.


According to Tinubu, it is not in his character to criticise previous governments because he is determined to take the necessary steps to enhance the nation’s economy and put it on a path to prosperity.


He said: “When you read the papers, some of us are confused whether to abuse the present or the past or make excuses for the future.


“(It’s) not in my dictionary. My focus is to take action now, do your best, re-engineer the finances of the country and stay ahead of the right path. Those who may be complaining now have to understand that perseverance and consistency will make a nation great.”


The President also urged Nigerians to make economic progress despite the country’s numerous issues.


Tinubu also pledged to work with governors to alleviate hunger and encouraged them to pay the present minimum wage while the salary award is reviewed.


“It that time for Nigeria to face the challenge and make it an economic opportunity. We must care for people and harness our farming population, including livestock farming,” he said.

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