Suya : 5 reasons why naija’s spicy street food is prepared only in the evening


Suya is a Northern Nigerian meat recipe that has become a delicacy that is consumed all over the country. It knows no ethnicity, no religion and no tribe. This said, one thing you may have observed is that this street food is usually prepared in the evening. Why not in the morning or afternoon? Well, whoever, decided to kick off the preparation of Suya in the evening must be a genius because the marketing strategy is working very well. You find Nigerians buying Suya at this time.

1. It is more attractive in the evening:


When you are returning from in the evening and you see the mallam or Aboki, the fire of the suya blazing in the very busy or hectic evening. There is no way you will not be attracted or tempted to buy. Even when you didn’t plan to buy, you will.


2. It is when Nigerians hang out and relax:


It is in the evening that most Nigerians hang out and relax. That is when they are close from work. Some don’t go home straight away. They hang out at their favourite spot with friends, and if there is a Suya spot around, they buy. If it is setup in the afternoon, very few people will patronise it. You will be forced to move your suya business to the evening.


3. It is very tasty at that time:


Suya is very tasty normally. But there is no way you can compare afternoon suya with evening suya, they are not mates. The warm evening weather, the stress of work and traffic all combine to make you savour the taste of suya. It is very yummier!!!


4. The Aboki has other businesses he runs during the day:


The Aboki or mallam preparing the suya has other businesses he runs during the day. He doesn’t survive on making suya alone. Some of the things he may likely be doing during the day include shoemaking, tailoring and barbing among others.


5. It is just weird or nusual to see morning or afternoon Suya:


It is just weird and unusual for you to see suya being prepared in the morning or afternoon. You are already used to it in the evenings. Don’t be surprised if some Nigerians think that you are doing something fishy by preparing suya during the day. They will not even go near such a suya spot

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