US Attorney General Set To Confiscate Donald Trump’s Asset


Donald Trump’s golf course and Seven Springs private estate preparing to try to be seized, This judgment was passed by the the New York attorney general’s office. State lawyers began the judgments with the clerk’s office in Westchester County on March 6, the decision against Trump and the difficulty the former president is having securing a bond while he appeals the verdict strikes directly at Trump’s image as a billionaire as he attempts to raise more cash for both his legal bills and third run for the president of the united states.


This judgment marks the initial action a creditor would pursue to reclaim property. Subsequent measures, including placing liens on assets, initiating foreclosure proceedings, or undertaking further legal actions, would ensue if the asset is slated for seizure.



The verdict has been registered in New York City, where the former president, Donald Trump’s properties, including Trump Tower, his penthouse therein, 40 Wall Street, his hotel adjacent to Central Park, and several apartment buildings, are situated.



No judgments have been recorded in Florida counties such as Miami or Palm Beach, where Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property and the Trump National Doral Golf Club and resort are situated, nor in Cook County, Illinois, where Trump’s hotel in Chicago is positioned, according to CNN’s examination of records on Thursday.

Currently, Donald Trump has a four-day window to either settle the judgment, persuade an appeals court to accept a reduced payment or delay the payment until after the appeal process.

In a recent post on Truth Social on Thursday, Trump asserted that providing the funds is “extremely costly” and contended that bonding companies cannot accommodate such a significant sum.


Confiscating assets would present challenges in terms of speed and simplicity. Trump has organized his business by establishing limited liability companies (LLCs) for nearly every property or asset, totaling over 300 in all, which are ultimately overseen by his trust.

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