Charly Boy Area Fada mocks Tinubu’s 1st year scorecard


Veteran Nigerian entertainer, Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy, has slammed President Bola Tinubu’s administration over an offer of N54,000 as minimum wage during a meeting with organized labour on Tuesday.


Charly Boy, who is fondly known as the Area Fada and a Senior Advocate of the Masses, SAM, particularly took exception to the offer which he says is not only an insult but a ridicule of Nigerian citizens by their government.


“See how the useless government of APC continue to insult and ridicule Nigerian citizens by bargaining on the minimum wage for workers like market women negotiating the purchase of pepper or tomatoes,” Charly Boy wrote on X late Tuesday.


“When una wan buy cars with stolen money, una dey prize?Shameless looters. God, very soon go put all of una to shame and deliver us from una suffocating stranglehold.


“Upon all the billions una dey thief, una no want the poor to breathe again? Wali una go hearam soon.


Vagabonds in Power.
Dia fathers.”


In another post, the Area Fada gave a comical scorecard of President Tinubu’s first year in office.


And this is how he rated the President:


Tinubu’s first year scorecard

1. Nearly Brought Emirates back to Nigeria 3 times

2. Nearly attracted Affrexim bank loan

3. Nearly sealed Dutch million dollar investment

4. Appointed his ministers

5. Discussed with some white men

6. Moved FAAN to Lagos

7. Didn’t meddle in Wike-Fubara battle

8. Almost allocated N5 billions for students loan

9. Allocated N90billion for 2024 Haji.

10. Nearly started a war with Niger

11. Moved CBN to Lagos

12 Took 1410 people to UAE for summit

13. Approved road from VI to EPE for 1 trillion

14. Almost started the PH refinery

15. Almost won AFCON

16. Removed subsidy and used usual subsidy allocation for something

17. Padded budget by €3 billion

18. Did appointments every week

19. Went on vacation 2 times after working so hard

20. Almost invited Qatar investment

21. Bought Jeeps for all his supporters

This is the much I can remember. Am sure there is more, kindly add yours so we can see how successful he has been these past 12 months.

I bow.”

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