The Curse of Leadership in Nigeria


As Nigerians and the global world watch various videos of people, mostly non Nigerians, praising the prowess, confidence, determination, intelligence, professional success, and creativity of Nigerians around the world, one tends to get more disheartened with the continuous failures of leadership over the decades.

Why are Nigerians so well respected on one side of the divide and held with disdain on the other side?

It is clear for all to see that within the shores of chaotic Nigeria it is the norm for “ Anything goes”. Citizens are like blind sheep being led by foxes.

The so called political elite have failed Nigerians with their selfishness, and know it all mentality. Their strategy is mostly narrow minded along the lines of ethnicity, religion, and getting rich at all costs due to lack of vision and patriotism.

Nigerians need to hold our leaders from Local  Government, State Government to Federal Government accountable in all ramifications.

We cannot leave our destiny in the hands of dodgy, unintelligent politicians who cannot manage departments with small budget allocations not to talk of multi billions.

If we continue with this nonchalant business as usual attitude, our full potential as the leader of the black race will continually elude us from generation to generation, and we’ll fall into the trap of domestic and international gangsters who see Africa as their playground for exploitation.


We must pledge to Nigeria and not individuals to ensure real development and wealth creation to break the curse of leadership.

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