Stefflon Don Addresses Beef With Jada Kingdom


British-Jamaican rapper, Stefflon Don has addressed the feud between herself and Jamaican singer, Jada Kingdom over a perceived rivalry caused by a mutual interest, Burna Boy.

In a chat with a host from GRM Daily, Stefflon Don insisted that the shots fired at her by the Jamaican singer were a result of a misunderstanding.

When the host asked Stefflon if she and Jada used to be cool before the feud, she replied, “Yeah, we used to be cool. The situation that happened, I wasn’t even with him (Burna Boy). I don’t really care what he’s doing. She’s selling, he’s buying, what’s the problem?”.

On the track that caused the issue, Stefflon Son said she was referring To a woman who slept with her man at the time, and that Burna Boy was her ex when she released that song, so there was no way she could have been referring to Burna Boy and Jada Kingdom.

Speaking on whether she and Jada would rekindle their friendship, Stefflon said, “There is nothing to rekindle. It’s not like she was my homegirl in the first place”.

Recall that Stefflon Don and Jada Kingdom got into a heated social media feud some months back when Don—who was just believed to have gotten back with Burna Boy—released a new song called “Dat A Dat” in which she claimed that an unidentified lady had slept with her man(Burna Boy).

Also, recall that one of the lines from Burna Boy‘s verse on the remix of the hit song “Talibans” was directed at Jada Kingdom. The line says “All of the best pum-pum deh a Kingston, so me buy a Birkin fi Jada Kingdom”. This line further fuelled the suspicion of the public that the unidentified woman Stefflon Don was referring to in her song could be Jada Kingdom.

Jada went ahead to drop a diss track for Stefflon which the latter also replied to, and since then, it’s been just animosity between the two women.

Stefflon Don and Burna Boy were in a relationship from 2018-2022, however, the rumours that they have gotten back together were neither confirmed nor debunked by the duo.

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