Bella Shmurda Takes Charge, Claims Full Credit For His Success


Nigerian singer Bella Shmurda has taken to Twitter to make it clear that he is solely responsible for his success and no one else.

The singer stated that he pulls every string himself and no one can take the glory for what he has achieved.

Bella also warned people to be careful how they speak to him, adding that he never tries to take credit for what he didn’t do.

He further said that anyone who claims to have helped him in any way is lying and just trying to tap into his success.

“I Pull every strings myself,no one I mean absolutely no one,so if you come to me know how you speak I never try to take Glory for what I didn’t do I work for it.

“Incase you hear anyone trying to say they did or that for Bella Lai lai  its not me,they just wan tap in,” Bella Shmurda tweeted.

Bella Shmurda emphasized that he has managed to stay relevant on the streets without being a slave to any individual or entity.

He concluded by saying that there are different levels to his success and people should take note.

“One thing bout Bella Shmurda is still popping on these street  without being a Slave to nobody or any entity.

“There levels, sho get?!”

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