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One thing the lock-down did for me was it forced me to actually ‘live” in my apartment before corona hit, I used to spend little to no time at home. As a result of spending so much time at home, I was forced to started to feel claustrophobic from staring at the same four walls every day. I woke up one morning and decided to take on redecorating as a lock-down project.

Here are 5 top DIY tips to help you can spice up your room:

  • Become a plant mom (or dad): introducing plants to your space instantly brightens up the place. Whether it’s in the bathroom, on your work table, shelf or your dinner table, it matters not. One of the great things about adding plants inside the house is you can place them almost anywhere and instantly make the place look amazing. You can stack up a few plant pots or hang planters on the walls. Whatever you decide, plants are always a good idea. Plants need daily care but if you cannot take care of them but still like the impact their presence gives off, you can always use fake plants to deliver the same effect.

  • Get a fresh paint job: painting your walls gives your entire room an automatic lift, taking your room from 0-100. A fresh coat will do a good job of adding color to rundown walls. If you find painting tedious, you can opt for a wallpaper change. There are several wallpaper design options to choose from.

  • Build a wall gallery: not sure what to do with the empty spaces on your walls? Add a few nice frames and build a wall gallery.

  • Incorporate Pillows: looking for that extra oomph, pillows are your best bet. Play around with options, from colourful pillows to fringe, to textured, or patterned. Pillows are a sure way to brighten up your room. Remember to pick out pillows that match your furniture.
  • Invest in good beddings: beddings are not only useful to sleep in; they also have a way of contributing to the general ambience and aesthetic of the room. Remember that the next time you plan to buy sheets.

Which of these DIY tips will you be trying?

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